What is a church school?

Church schools have Christian beliefs and values at their heart. This means that every child and adult associated with the school is not just important because they are members of the school but because they are seen as unique individuals within God’s creation.

In Church schools the spiritual aspects of life will be recognised, and nurtured alongside the academic and emotional needs of all.

As a pupil, parent, visitor or member of staff you should find that your church school is as good as any other good school but you should feel that the way the school works is different and distinctive. That distinctive difference will be rooted in Christian values that affect the way everyone is respected.

Church schools are encouraged to:

  • ensure that the school is led by a headteacher who is committed, with the help of staff, to establish and maintain the Christian character of the school in its day to day activities and in the curriculum
  • engage meaningfully in a real act of Christian worship every day
  • offer a school life that incorporates the values of the Christian faith
  • ensure that religious education is taught and that the character and quality of religious education are a particular concern of the headteacher and the governing body
  • observe the major Christian festivals and in schools which other faiths are present ensure that those faiths are able and encouraged to mark their major festivals with integrity
  • maintain and develop an active and affirming relationship with a parish church

Our school as a church school

Everyone who spends time learning and growing at Micklefield CE Primary School, becomes a successful individual with the courage, compassion and creativity to make a difference in the future. We are respectful of God’s world, working together to create a loving and caring community. We live out our school’s Christian ethos through our daily interactions which model our Christian values.

Although we are committed to Christian beliefs and practice, we strive to inform about, and empathise with, all faiths in our world, particularly those represented in school. We promote tolerance, respect and democracy through our teaching of Christian values. All children throughout the school take part in daily Collective Worship, whether in class or as a whole school. Collective worship is an important part of our daily life and enables us to learn about and explore our key Christian values.

Links between Church and School are strong with the clergy leading regular collective worship in school and members of the congregation and clergy serving on the Governing Body. As a school we also regularly visit church for services including Christmas, Easter and school leavers at the end of the summer term, as well as other major events in the Christian calendar.

The teaching of Religious Education is compulsory, and important to us as a church school. We follow the Leeds Agreed Syllabus. The clergy participate in and support curricular activities in school which are exploring areas of RE and church life, for example baptism. We also use the church building as a resource both in children’s direct learning and in their spiritual, cultural and social development.

We are proud to be an integral part of the St Mary’s Church Community.

We also have close links with the Diocese of York – link to their website


This year the last week of term was Holy Week so this was an ideal time for everyone to learn about the last week of Jesus’ life and his resurrection on Easter Day. There were lots of activities in school and the 4 daily Assemblies focussed on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day. On Tuesday 5 Y5 pupils created an outdoor Easter Garden at church. They used stones to build the tomb and the hill where 3 empty crosses stood. They placed small flowering plants around them and laid gravel paths. It looks lovely! They enjoyed eating their ‘thank you’ eggs! 

St Mary’s has been part of the Micklefield Easter Trail so there have been lots of visitors to look at the story of Holy Week shown by figures and objects in the windows. 

Finally a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has donated tins etc towards the work of Selby Food Bank. You started doing so before Christmas and every month the amount gets bigger. What a wonderful example you are giving to the children about sharing with others and showing the importance of caring for everyone.



Christmas 2020 was quite different for all of us as we couldn't have our usual service in St Mary’s due to Covid, but during the last week of school every class had an individual Christingle Collective worship. Each child bought their Christingle home and we hope you enjoyed lighting these again at home (safely!). The Christingle candle collecting boxes raised a wonderful £97.82 for the Children’s Society.  Thank you for all of your donations.


Nativity Trail at St Mary’s

Our Christmas windows were enjoyed by many.  Our windows told the Christmas story, from Mary learning she was to give birth to Jesus, to the visit of the Wise Men. Somewhere amongst the figures were 19 sheep – did you see them all?


Advent Calendars

All Class 1 were given sticker calendars with a small book telling the Christmas Story. We hope they enjoyed them!

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