Ofsted Report


Ofsted Report

The following quotes are excerpted from our 2019 Ofsted Inspection report: 

"Early Years

Children joining the provision settle quickly into early years because there are established routines that support children well.

Indoor and outdoor provision is well resourced with a wide range of equipment. Children’s physical development is well catered for. A range of equipment outdoors, such as a model boat, gives children opportunities to explore and test out their balancing skills.

Children cooperate well with each other and the adults in the provision. They are confident when speaking to adults and behave well in the provision. The curriculum provides good opportunities for enrichment. During the inspection, children used a training wall to practise their climbing skills safely. Children work well together in the outdoor provision and were engrossed in learning when making fairy potions.Parents take opportunities to contribute to children’s learning. They post photographs onto the school’s online recording system. These show what children are experiencing at home and the visits their parents take them on.

Children are well looked after and safeguarding is effective in the provision. All the appropriate welfare requirements are in place for early years.


KS1 and 2 Teaching and Learning 

Good relationships and mutual respect exist between pupils and adults. This helps lessons to flow smoothly. Pupils respond well to instructions in class and do as they are asked.

Pupils are pleasant, polite and courteous, exhibiting good manners and respect. They are proud of their school and say they are safe in school. Visitors, such as the fire brigade and NSPCC, contribute well to pupils’ understanding of how to stay safe. Assemblies and personal, social and health education contribute well to pupils’ understanding of how to stay safe when using the internet.

Pupils say that bullying is rare and school records confirm this. They are confident that adults do not tolerate bullying and resolve any occurrences. Pupils say that members of staff act on their concerns posted in the ‘worry monsters’. They say that their ‘worries are eaten up’.

Pupils support charitable work. For example, they have collected money to support the development of a school in Tanzania. Pupils have a good understanding of British values. They are usually tolerant and respectful to each other and to the adults who work with them. Parents and staff are confident that children are safe and well cared for in school.

The school is a calm and welcoming place. Pupils are confident when speaking to visitors. They look after the school environment and it is litter free. 

Pupils conduct themselves well around school. Usually, they socialise well together. Adults resolve occasional disagreements.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is a strength of the school. Pupils learn well about British values through assemblies and educational visits.  For example, pupils’ knowledge and understanding of justice, democracy, crime and punishment are enhanced by visiting museums and other places of interest.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Leaders have made sure that there is a clear ethos across the school that sets the safety of pupils as a priority. Staff are well trained, vigilant and know what to do if they have any concerns about pupils’ welfare. External agencies and parents are effectively engaged to support the most vulnerable pupils. Online systems help leaders to recognise any early signs of safeguarding issues arising, and they act on them to keep pupils safe.

Governors review the school’s safeguarding processes and check that systems are fit for purpose. They have had an external audit of safeguarding to make sure they are fulfilling their duties. Governors receive regular reports about safeguarding. They make sure recruitment checks are made to ensure that staff are suitable to work in schools.  These checks are recorded thoroughly.

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