Early Help and Links with other Professionals

Each school recognises that it is essential to establish positive and effective working relationships with other agencies such as the Early Help, Children’s Social Care, CAMHS, Children’s & Families’ Service, other local education authorities, School’s Health Service, Relate, NSPCC, Operation Encompass, Youth Justice Service, etc. to ensure we promote a safe and supportive environment and comply with the requirement under the Children Act 2004 to cooperate with other organisations and agencies in activities relating to children.

We are delighted to be able to support families throughout any stresses or strains they may have. We can do this ‘in house’ by giving family members our time and counselling skills or we can enlist the help of our professional colleagues who can access or signpost services in the medical, mental health or social services departments.

The one minute guides attached give you a brief overview of some of the professional agencies we work with.



Operation Encompass, has been designed to provide early reporting to schools of any domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of normal school hours and that might have had an impact on a child attending our premises the following day. This information will be shared at the earliest opportunity between Monday to Thursday and, when an incident occurs on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday, the police will contact us the following Monday.

Information will be shared where it is identified that a child or young person was present, witnessed or was involved in a domestic abuse incident. We will be able to use information that has been shared, in confidence, to ensure that our school is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children or their families. 


Early Help and Links with other Professionals

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