The health and safety of all our children is of paramount importance. Parents and carers send their children to school each day with the expectation that school provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish. We therefore take every practicable measure to ensure that this expectation becomes reality.

We have Safeguarding policies and procedures in place which can be accessed via the school or this website.

Everyone in our community has the responsibility to act on any concerns that they may have about a child’s well-being and safety.

We pride ourselves in the effort we make to develop a nurturing and caring ethos and relationship with our families.

Occasionally we do have a worry or query about some aspect of a child’s life. This might be because a child is upset and has disclosed something, we have seen a mark or bruise on a child or because a family member has approached us for help. We are legally obliged to pass on any concerns we have about a child’s safety and wellbeing to the appropriate authority. We never do this anonymously or behind parents’ backs unless circumstances call for this (if we felt that informing the parent would possibly put the child at greater risk of harm), if we have a concern about your child we would normally discuss our intentions with you. If we are approached by social services or any other safeguarding body, we are obliged to work with them to support any issues they have been asked to investigate and it would be up to them as the lead professionals to inform you about their concerns.

We are here to educate, help, support, nurture and safeguard your child. If you have any more questions relating to safeguarding in our school, please contact Mirs Cook or Mrs Loring.

Safeguarding Policies are on our Policies Page

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