How do we support children with SEND?

At Micklefield, we do our best to ensure that the necessary provision is made for any pupil who has special educational needs and that those needs are known to all who are likely to work with them. We will ensure that teachers are able to identify and provide for those pupils with special educational needs, allowing them to join in all school activities together with pupils who do not have special educational needs. 

If your child is making less than expected progress given their age and individual circumstances, the first response will be high quality teaching by your child’s class teacher targeted at their areas of difficulty. For your child this would mean:
Your child’s teacher would continue to set high expectations for your child and every child in the class.
Teaching would be differentiated to meet the individual needs of the children in the class.
In some circumstances, they may receive group or individual intervention:
Group/individual intervention may be necessary to specifically target your child’s needs. Eg. Through additional/specific resources; additional adult focus or adult-led work.
Concerns and actions taken would be recorded on an Internal Cause for Concern proforma (ICC) and shared with parents. Your child’s progress would then be monitored and recorded using the ICC.
If your child’s progress continues to be less than expected, your child’s class teacher, in liaison with the SENCO, will put in place a School Support Plan (SSP), which will include all actions designed to secure better progress. Your child will then be added to our SEND Register. For your child this might mean:
Specific group work with a smaller group of children/individual work with clear targets to help your child to make more progress. These groups might be led by a teacher or a support assistant who has been trained to deliver the programmes.
Your child’s targets would be recorded on a termly School Support Plan and shared with parents. Targets would be reviewed and progress would be monitored regularly.
It might be decided that your child needs support via an outside agency such as the Speech and Language Service, SENIT (Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Team), STARS (Specialist Training in Autism and Raising Standards) or Occupational Therapy. In this case, a referral would be made by the SENCO, and your child might participate in group work or individual work in school, led by or directed by a professional who is based outside the school.
Teachers and the SENCO will review all programmes regularly. These reviews will be shared with you each term. If you have any questions or concerns before these times, either your child’s class teacher or the SENCO will be happy to discuss them with you.

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